BRICKS SLOUGH 2.0! – YouTube



When the rains pounds all night long and turns the forest into a paddy terrain, monster trucks can have a time of their lives. This is Brick Slough 2.0 and the legion of spectators cannot wait for the competitors to come down the trench of thick mud and disappear in the corner.

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The deep muck provides the drivers with great fun: Floating on the giant tires or tackling the slippery edges, whichever they choose. Each of the beasts deserves to be the highlight of the day.

A red Chevy truck with dope skills is the first participant today. Sometimes it comes against an insurmountable hole, but with unbelievable dexterity, it finds an alternative path and continues with the journey.

More monsters are coming, the next one being a Dodge piece of wonder. From the way it submerges in the 5 feet deep water, you can tell that the machine has not come for a piece of hamburger.

With its four wheels spinning with venom, the truck makes its way down the river. Its super-large tires make a mockery of the provocation offered by the raging waters. This has to be the most convincing performance so far. Only 90 seconds!

The next rig is equally phenomenal. Turbo-powered, the monster has its work cut out and doesn’t hesitate to show its knack of leaving spectators in awe. As it approaches the first diversion, it takes a cut but fails to clear to the bank. The driver decides to go downstream, as everybody else has done today. This loss of direction adds some seconds but an excellent performance nevertheless.

Another highlight of Bricks Slough 2 is a more standard Dodge. With its monstrous wheels, it swims through the nasty mud stretch with ease, but not as fast as the rest of the pack. A classic Chevy is also part of the action, as is a blue Ford. However, the play of the day would probably go to the pink Suzuki truck, which closes the party in style.

The performances are so good the spectators cannot contain themselves. We hope you have enjoyed the video too.

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