World Record Stunt!! Giant Truck Jumps Over Speeding Lotus Racing Car

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So you think you have seen the maddest truck stunts in the world. Well, I might be wrong but this is the most unbelievable jump and maneuver to have ever happened on this planet. This is not an ordinary exhibition and I take this earliest opportunity to issue a caution: what we are about to see is not for the faint-hearted.

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The stage is ready for this action, which will see a massive truck and trailer jump over a Lotus Formula One car. Extraordinary stuff about to happen here so scroll down and watch the video.

The size of the truck alone compared to the small racing car is beyond comprehension. A 16-tonne giant against an F1 toy? How can anyone even think of a stunt as crazy as this one?

Okay, we can see a straight stretch and a ramp so we get an idea of the plan. The ramp will hurl the car over the 15 feet tall truck. Wrong assumption. Actually, it’s the other way round.

The two vehicles approach the ramp at about 80 mph, side by side with the eyes of the lorry fixed on the ramp. I am not sure they have practiced for this, but the whole thing seems to be working according to the script.

As the lorry hits the ramp at lightning speed, the Lotus car is moving equally fast at the edge of the ramp, preparing to take a dangerous turn as the lorry flies above.

The car speed below the truck, which itself goes on to set a Guinness World Record for the longest truck jump. It just landed into the echelons of history with an audacious 83 feet 7 inches. Simply dare devilish!

Both drivers were literally playing with death but they produce a record-breaking performance. Did you see the smoke and debris as the truck touches the tarmac? Only God knows what would have happened to the Lotus driver had the stunt gone awry.

Not bad at all, considering they also probably get a handsome paycheck from EMC Corporation.

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