World Record Monster Truck Front Flip 


Looking for a fun way to spend four minutes of your free time? Watch this video of the Monster Jam Max D front flip. This is such an incredible video! Brace yourself for a crazy ride! At the beginning of the video, the commentator is talking on the microphone. The pickup truck that is going to take a front flip has pointy stainless steel metal studs on its body. It has a skeleton metal work on the passenger’s door and it has red rims with huge wheels! This is such a powerful truck just from the looks of it. The pickup truck goes around the track.

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The pickup truck driver talks to the person on the orange blocks. The driver then backs up and stays for a couple of seconds on the starting point. Then the driver moves forward just a couple of steps forward then backs up again. It seems like he’s trying to measure things up. He’s trying to be mentally ready for what he’s going to do next. He moves forward so fast but then before he reaches the ramp, he stops. Whew, the crowd is probably holding their breaths.

Max D went back up again to the starting point. He then went full on forward but then again stops at the bottom of the ramp. The crowd is so disappointed and is laughing at the same time. The commentator helps Max D out by getting the crowd cheers for his name. The crowd goes wild and chants “Max D” from the benches. The commentator says, “Third time’s the charm”. Then for the third time, Max D does the unthinkable. He accelerated so fast and when he reaches the ramp, he does a front flip and fire goes up! He does a total of 3 flips! This is so amazing! The crowd goes wild!

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