Will This Dodge Truck Have What It Takes?

ram tough dodge dodge truck cummins

This is a fun video watching this Dodge Cummins attempt to make it over a large obstacle. The Dodge Cummins is known for it’s power and tourque, but in this case it may not have what it takes. with a couple of key parts to it, each with the same Dodge Truck overcoming major obstacles, mostly mud based. In the first part of the video he drives through some deep mud, while other “lesser” trucks are stuck. It looks like a ton of fun, with dirt and mud splashing all over the place.

A later part of the video has driver thinking that this is the best dodge truck trying to drive through a small pond and then drive over a very steep embankment. This is just something you have to see. He has gained a lot of confidence through the day or mudding and maybe thinks he can get over everything. No matter this is still a great example of a great Dodge truck for off road and mudding!

Dodge 1

dodge 2

dodge 3


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