What Has A V8 Engine and a Mustard Stained Floor?

chevy truck under a hot dog exterior

Here’s a riddle for you:  What is 27 feet long, 11 feet high, has a 6.0 Liter V8 engine and sits on a converted Chevrolet W4 Series Chassis?

Before you guess, here’s one more hint… It also has a mustard and ketchup stained floor.

No, not the minivan driven by the cute soccer mom down the street.  It’s the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, of course.

Each year, the more than 14,000 pound, fiberglass-framed hot dog on wheels travels 40,000 miles across the United States driven by faithful hotdoggers Spicy Salami Spencer and Jess Cooking.

Think you could maneuver the Wienermobile through crowded city streets and winding country roads?

Think you’re cool enough to operate a vehicle decked out with hotdog-embroidered leather seats?

Think you’re hip enough to create a wicked nickname like “Spicy Salami Spencer?”

Click on the video and find out!Share-on-Facebook-LG

Bonus question:  The Mayer brothers handed hotdogs out of the original Wienermobile.  What iconic keepsake do the modern-day hotdoggers give out all across the country?  Watch and find out! Comment your answer on the Facebook post. 

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