Wait Till You See This Amphibious Luxury Motor Coach!

Amphibious Motor Coach FI

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Quite the abilities this dual-purpose motor we see here possesses; both land and water, this vehicle boasts not only the versatility of being able to drive wherever you like (although you can’t take this baby to the ocean. It’s designed for lakes and the likes) but a cool design and space inside it, including a fully functioning lounge for a family to live in if the owner desires so. This is just an all-’round cool vehicle to have, especially in case of a disaster. Can you imagine? A giant fire in your city, and you’re just floating around on your CAMI Terra Wind on top of the local lake. No, we’re kidding, that would be disastrous. But this is still one cool van.

The CAMI Terra Wind doesn’t just run over land and float on water, it also has some additional perks:

  • A top deck for sunbathing, relaxing or even diving.
  • Alternating speeds and shifts, from chill sailing to ‘oh, this thing can move!’.
  • Hot and cold water in the showers inside. Did we mention this thing has showers?
  • Just a whole bunch of room and appliances.
  • Steps by the side of the van for easy exit into and out of the water.
  • Exiting the water isn’t a chore at all; you can just hop on into the water or drive up and onto land.
  • The design inside features quite the living quarters.
  • Onboard computer systems, GPS and a 42 inch Plasma TV! Stereo, DVD, MP3 and VHS cassette player built in.
  • A full kitchen, marble floor, appliances and an undermounted sink. Everything is of the topmost quality.
  • An electric toilet. Has anybody here ever used an electric toilet? I know I haven’t.
  • Large cache way that acts as a basement and storage. You could bring just about anything and fit it inside the open space, lock it and never worry about it again.
  • 8-jet shower and bathtub combination, surrounded by marble tiles, featuring sliding glass doors.
  • Granite countertops in the master bedroom, a large mirror in front of the lovely double bed.
  • Padded ceiling hides the air cooling system, providing a comfortable atmosphere for you to live or sail in.

Our presentation ends with Good Morning America featuring the first amphibious R.V, which is an understatement to what the CAMI Terra Wind truly is. It’s a luxury van, that’s able to take your life into new locations. Impressive!

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