Volvo Dump Truck FI

You know Volvo, you know dump trucks, and you know UNSTOPPABLE. This one’s going to be a wild ride, since we’re obviously combining the three in this epic video. Watch the amazing Volvo Dump Truck just obliterate anything in its path, anything that wants to even think about challenging its massive charcoal-colored wheels, its fiery-yellow exterior and its vicious driver. The crowd grows ferocious in the midst of this hellhound, and so do I! Let’s watch.

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We see a line of massive trucks, all ready for action. Engines are already whispering, ready for action, ready to fully blow up the course. The yellow demon begins, and the rest of the monsters go at it as well. They haggle it out first, one offering a tug to the right, the rest countering with a combined power offer, they tug left, left, left. It seems like the Volvo Dump Truck should check its engine, because I’m not sure it’s running. And whoops! Everyone gawks as our sturdy yellow just straight-up hauls everyone to the right! Damn!

A few extra tugs go through, and it goes along with it, silently rolling to the left, pretending it isn’t carrying the ace in this game of trucker cards. Finally, the contest ends, and even though the three monster trucks to the left tugged a twinge harder at times, we know who’s the real champion here, protecting the Trucker Honor with its power moves against three (you heard right!) other monster trucks. That’s insane, in my book, and this truck deserves the utmost respect for even trying.

I wonder if the game would’ve ended differently if you had to accelerate through the entire thing. If nobody comes flying into the crowd of each other, I think that’d would be interesting to watch. Well, I can’t say I wouldn’t watch it if the trucks rammed into each other by accident.

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