Mega Trucks Walk On Water – Huge Air At Triple Canopy Ranch!

Watch these mega mudding trucks trucks screen around the track flying through the air of the jumps smashing through the water. Each has a little bit of a different approach some try to make it across the water pure speed and power some and that deep in the water and struggled through.

All of these are high output amazingly powerful mudding trucks were taking this abuse it extremely high speeds. watching these trucks mudding, it’s so much fun and almost irresistible. This definitely fits in the description when they talk about grown men playing with toys and some ladies to.

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Keep Scrolling: Build Your Own MUDDING TRUCK!

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trucks mudding
 Just needs tires! 

“Here’s A Special Custom Built On or Off Road Mud Slinging Pickup.That Can Be still Street Legal 
Built Truck From Ground Up Has 351 Windsor V/8, C6 Tranny, 456 Gear Ratio Front and Rear 35S Dana44, 12 inch Lift Kit, Electric Water Pump as Radiator Located in bed too keep Running Cool, Have Through The Hood Headers Available, Custom Hood, Custom Paint, By the Way I spent close too $10,000.00 for the Parts alone,+ Many Hours of Labor, You can’t build it for what it will sell for. Wife Wants RV? Happy Wife Happy Life.”
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