Trucks Gone Wild 2014

Trucks Gone Wild FI

You’ll see a huge truck full of people and a black Chevy truck at the beginning of this video passing through mud with such ease! You can hear the engines roar as the wheels turn. There’s this one truck that went off a ledge and landed amazingly on the muddy area. One red monster truck with super huge wheels go wild on the muddy grounds! What an awesome sight!

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On the third minute of this video, you’ll see two trucks, one black and the other’s red, playing some tug of war. In order to win, one truck should go over a line of hollow block. The red truck was able to reach the line but did not go over it. The black one just refuses to lose! Another set of rally vehicles do some tug of war of their own but no one doesn’t want to lose from the other. The craziest moment in this video is when a Volkswagen buggy with monster wheels go through the muddy area! It does an impressive job even for a small vehicle.

A truck with people and an American flag goes through the mud. The people have smiles on their faces while holding tight, drinking canned drinks and hoping not to fall off the truck. At 6 minutes through this video, a huge truck just goes splat on a small trailer destroying it at once. Unsatisfied, the truck went back and crushed the trailer again! People cheer with excitement over this!

You’ll also see one truck with a flag on its tail goes up a hill and heads straight in to the muddy. Another truck with metal shields around its body tries his luck over the hill but its engines People cheer throughout the white and black truck tug of war segment of this video. Smokes are all over the place but the fans just don’t care and continue to cheer. At around 10 minutes of this video, a truck gets rescued by a white truck because it got stuck in the middle of the mud area. In order for the stuck truck to be pulled out of the mud, the owner should attach the rope to his truck. The owner does a back flip through the filthy mud! If the trucks have gone wild, so do their owners!

One white Chevy truck revs up its engines and tries to go as fast as it could through the muddy waters. You really can tell that going through the mud is not an easy task. One black Dodge RAM 2500 truck does some tug of war with a bigger truck but the Dodge shows an incredible display of power! You’ll also see some cool ATVs going uphill and going through the forest! Trucks really go wild in this video.

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