The Best Pick Up Truck On The Market For Under $2000 To Build An Off Road Rig

the best pick up truck on the market

Ford this challenge each of the contestants had to pick the best pickup truck on the market that was available for $2000 or less. They were allotted an additional $2000 for modifications. Obviously they need the best truck rating to win the competition so they picked from some of the best-selling trucks available. But these trucks were not new truck 2015 models, they’re older pickup truck deals done in places like Craigs list.
The first was in 1979 Ford bronco, he paid $2500 for it but it already had 33 inch tires and a 6 inch lift kit installed. It also has a really solid 351 V8 engine.
The second competitor was in 1980 Toyota pickup. This one had a low range transfer case locking front and rear differentials and Mickey thompson’s.
The third competitor is in 1987 Chevy suburban air condition deletes model. He upgraded with super swaper tires and an off off road design lift kit.
These guys put the old trucks to the test, thinking about a high school kid of somebody in college works all summer saves up a few $1000 and just wants to build themselves an off-roader. The best pick up truck on the market may have been one of these diamonds in the rough. Remember, at one time some of these were the best-selling trucks available.

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