Exotic Cars For Rent Las Vegas: The Sin City Hustler


Of the exotic cars for rent Las Vegas this might be one of the most fun luxury cars you can rent or buy. It’s called the Sin City Hustler and it’s a monster truck limousine, built by Big Toyz Racing Motors over the course of fifteen months.

Powering this exotic limo around Las Vegas is a 521 cubic inch, 700 horse power big-block V8 sitting in a tube chassis. It sits on 66 inch tires supporting the truck on 25 inch nitrogen shocks.

According to the article “Sin City Hustler Combines Excursion Limo, Monster Truck“:

If you have an irresistible urge to be bigger than everyone else and are willing to spend any amount of money to do it, your ride has arrived. Ladies and gentlemen (or bros), meet the Sin City Hustler, the brainchild of Brad Campbell, owner of Big Toyz Racing Motors. The best way to describe it is a motley marriage of a Ford Excursion limousine and a monster truck.  (read more)

The other wild part of this is that this truck is now for sale for a cool 1 million dollars! (link)So maybe you are in the market for a crazy wild commuter car to take all yoru friend to work, and maybe even pick up a few more along the way. With this you can. or maybe you just want one of the coolest exotic cars for rent in Las Vegas or take it home to where you live and be the only one with a monster truck limo service! 



Spec Sheet: 

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