Trucks Flexing In The Mud

Truck Flex Mud FI

You know it’s almost impossible to hurt a built truck like this. The suspension is built and reinforced to be able to move like a belly dancer… you know what I mean, – the kind the gets you wondering “how does she do that” ?

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First off we see a couple of these lean and mean trucks go over a pile of mud and water, slowly passing it through so as not to get stuck or break their rides in any way. Later on we see an impressive Dodge go over the pond of mud in a different way, the two drivers inside it tilting all the way past it.

Another moment past and we get to behold a glorious white power-hogger get past this creak, carefully, and skillfully, I might add. Another red trucker gives it a try, the car a lot less bulky and strong than its predecessors, but still managing to get the task done impressively.

The white wheeler is up next again, and it passes it slowly, and with purpose, the van-type going up and over the obstacle with great maneuvering skills and tactful turns.

The video just goes to show us that more power and size isn’t necessarily better. Watch how nicely the small truckers get past whatever the bigger monster trucks got through by using all of their might. Although, this might be an exception to the┬árule; bigger sometimes does mean better, or at least more fun to watch!

See you next time with more trucks, mud and mayhem!

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