Truck Tries To Get Out of Being Towed


This is probably one of the craziest truck tugs of wars yet. Even the person recording the action has to do it from a safe distance. Watch the video and see a man go full retard to protect his truck from the jaws of a powerful towing truck.

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In a rare moment in a common setting, this man decides to force his truck from the tight grip of a white towing truck. Problem is the back of his velvet truck is still attached to the towing machine at 45 degrees.

The SUV is moving back and forth using only its front wheels and rocking the towing vehicle strongly. The driver peeps through the window every now and then to see if he is making any progress.

This embarrassing tug of war is happening in the full view of the public in a crowded packing lot, but the truck driver doesn’t seem to give a damn. He surely is having a wrecked day.

The tug of war lasts for about 1 minute, with the towing truck on hand brake and the man trying to break free by stepping on the gas as hard as he can. You can hear the loud screeching cries of the tires on the tarmac as the truck puts up a spirited fight. No success is in site for the angry truck owner despite the evident power of his polished SUV. With every trial, he seems to get more frustrated.

The white towing truck is clearly ready for such a scenario. As the angry SUV owner rocks his toy back and forth, the truck just relaxes probably just giving the man time to give up.

One woman who says, “This is crazy”, nicely captures the whole circus.

It is not clear who won this interesting tug of war after the end of the 1-minute clip, but it shows just how insane some people can be when you tamper with their beloved machines.

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