Truck Going Too Fast on Wet Road Loses Control

Accident Wet Road

Wonder how it would look like to lose control of your vehicle? This 35-second video is a shocker. At the beginning of the video, you will find a crossroad or an intersection with pedestrian lanes and stop light. On the right side of the road, a white pickup truck followed by red sedan vehicle swoosh through the road heading north.

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The angle of the camera is higher. It looks like a surveillance camera system of the village or a neighborhood or country club. Or it may be a road surveillance and monitoring camera or a video surveillance for traffic. A couple of seconds later a white sedan follows the red sedan still heading north. Then a white SUV passes by right after the white sedan.

On the other side of the road, a blue hatchback vehicle with fog lights is driving by heading south. It looks like a gloomy day. It might also be raining because the blue hatchback’s headlights are switched on. As the blue hatchback reaches the crossing, you will see a white pickup truck with chrome rims speeding up so fast catching up to the blue hatchback.

The white pickup truck is out of control, you will see that the front wheels are inclining to the left as it reaches the intersection. Fortunately, the blue hatchback was not hit by the speeding white pickup truck. At the 10 second of the video, the white pickup truck seems like turning to its right but not really turning. It’s more like drifting than turning. At first you would think that the driver may be intentionally drifting through intersections and through each turn. But, it’s not. At 12 seconds through the video, it crashes to the Pinewood East sign! The white pickup truck misses the island where the street sign Quercus Lane stands and crashes to the Pinewood East sign near a shed that looks like a guard house. The branches and leaves of the trees fall on top of the white pickup truck. What a tragedy!

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