Truck Flying Through The Air – I Smiled Through The Whole Video!

Flying Truck 1

Some are addicts of extreme action and the adrenaline that comes with it, while others are simply looking for fame. No matter the motivation, the daredevils that do stunts have always given spectators thrilling moments. The following video will give you a mixture of both thrill and chills as the drivers fly their trucks through the air. I hope you smile through the video as I did.

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As we see the first vehicle approach the rump at a deadly speed, I must remind you that these stunts are illegal and super dangerous. So please don’t even think of trying this at home. Back to the action, we see a black monster drive towards the ramp at top speed. It immediately goes swards and literally hangs in the air. Then it comes crashing to the ground, wobbling and losing some of its feathers in the process. What a jump that was! The excited crowd really liked that one.

Let’s see what the next machine can offer.

There it comes in full force with the crowd shouting for more speed. This one must have been here before-it has already lost one door. Its jump is excellent and it lands smoothly on the turf. That’s what experience can do.

The yellow and red truck is also flawless, as is the green four-wheeler. Perhaps due to the excitement that is now at the highest, things begin to turn haywire from this point. Some of the vehicles lose their cool, nose-dive and start bleeding in the process. That jeep that literally dug a hole on the track will need a few hundred dollars of body repair work.

However, the performance of the day belongs to the modified jeep. It flies so high that upon hitting the surface, it split into pieces. Its front axles are unable to hold on the wheels and one of the wheels rolls to the boundary. Good stuff for the crowd, but for the owner of the rig, it’s a bad day in the office.

What was your craziest stunt from this video?

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