This Full Size Chevy Devours The Green Mamba


Check out this full sized Chevy making it’s way through some nasty looking rocks. The trail is listed as the Green Mamba Extension in or near Clayton ,OK. Here is a great resource for information about wheeling in the Clayton, OK area. The info was assembled by “billyji” who is a Pirate4x4 forum user. (Link).

In the same information post her describes the “Green Mamba” as:

Green Mamba (5+): A thrilling ride through creeks reminiscent of Snake Pit, some say it is even better!

And the “Green Mamba Extension” as:

Green Mamba Extension (X): A much more intense extension of the already difficult Green Mamba. Thrills are guaranteed.

As for the Chevy Truck here in this video, it comes from Anthony M Gee via his Youtube channel.



More information on Four Wheeling in Clayton, OK HERE


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