The Toyota Hilux Racing Experience

Toyota Hilux Experience

Wonderful news indeed! Toyota South Africa has let the secrets out-they will be participating in the 2016 Dakar Rally.

It’s even better! They now have a modified version of the Toyota Hilux. See the following video for some features and action of this rig.

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Toyota is really bracing itself for victory in this treacherous race, if their latest beast is anything to go by. As the car revs before taking off during practice, you can feel the power of its engine.

The vehicle has been undergoing development for some time now, resulting in one of the most powerful Toyota rally trucks ever built.

If you compare this beast with the standard vehicle, so much has happened to the body. However, most of the changes are under the bonnet.

The machine has the Lexus RC-F V8 engine, which is easily the most powerful engine in its series. What does this new engine bring? Talk of lower friction and lower efficient combustion. These features alone are a great improvement to the previous engine. As the truck races on the sand, you can hear the sweet sounds from the powerful engine. It sounds really good, as the person in the video says.

Looking at the vehicle make twists and turns on the African sandy terrain, there is no need of telling that the suspension is out of this world. Obviously, Toyota has done some real work on the set up, which readies this beast for the upcoming rally.  The good thing is that the suspension is still soft on the ride-this is awesome because this is not a load vehicle. It is meant for the desert.

Overall, the great look of the new Hilux and its imposing show on the sand is a clear signal to competitors that the Dakar Rally in 2016 is not going to be a walkover. Since we only know how it’s all going to play out after the race is on, we can only wait to see what the truck does. However the race goes, we will definitely have an exciting racing experience from Toyota’s newest toy.

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