The Rough Terrain is Nothing to These Trucks!

Tough Terrain

Finish the Mini Rubicon and Hill Climb in under five minutes or you’re out! This year’s challenge is tougher than the previous one because these rocks are ever-changing and the holes are deeper than ever. In the Mini Rubicon segment, first up, Kimberly Gray, driving a 1975 GMC pickup truck with a male co-driver Jason Gray. Pressured for time, Kimberly was letting the suspension do the work. She makes it to the finish line in just three minutes and 48 seconds.

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Next, Eric Kam, in a ’85 Chevy K2500 truck, is going as fast as he could right after the buzzer starts, that’s why he finishes the whole race in just one minute and 19 seconds. What a time! The third contestant, Jake Brazier, in an ’86 Toyota pickup truck, unfortunately, he doesn’t finish the race in under five minutes.

Next is Ryan Agan in an ’83 Chevy K10 truck with Josh Hardy as his co-driver. But, he too does not make it on time. Fifth contestant was Jason Moon in a ’91 Chevy K5 Blazer truck with Tina Moon as his co-driver. He is taking his time but it doesn’t look hopeful. He breaks his shafts and is left with only one-wheel drive and he is out!

Next, is Jeremy Brown in an orange ’72 Chevy Blazer truck with Brandon Hliderbrand as his co-driver. He was doing the rock crawling with the clutch and made it through the obstacles with a smile on his face. But he is also out of time. Dan Osterhout, in a ’70 GMC Jimmy truck, suddenly lost his rear shaft and was down to three-wheel drive after two minutes and 22 seconds. After a couple of tries, the timer went off.

Next up, Mike Jaskolski, in a ’76 Chevy Blazer truck with plenty of power.  He made it through the pit of despair in just four minutes and 39 seconds.

The top three contestants was Kam, Bowman and Gray with 1:19, 2:23 and 3:48 respective times.

In the Hill Climb segment, first up is Ryan Agan. He is doing fine but after 15 seconds he gets trapped in a hole. He gets a driveline separation and also a break in the weld in one of the drive shafts. Christopher Bowman also does not finish the hill climb.

Eric Kam is up. He’s got big tires and powerful but unfortunately, he too, is out of time. Next is Adam Furlong but he also doesn’t make it to the finish line. Jake Brazier is up next. He is doing fine but after a few seconds his truck gets stuck in a hole. Luckily, he gets out of it and makes it through the finish line. He’s the first one to finish the hill climb!

Kimberly Gray is next. She gets a great start and is able to finish the thing in just four minutes and 14 seconds. Next is Mike Jaskolski in a ’76 Chevy Blazer truck. The hill climb is a bit mowed down already so it would be easier for Mike to pass through the obstacles but he does not make it to the finish line in less than five minutes.

Jeremy Brown is up next. He makes it right to the top in just one minute and five seconds! Jason Moon in a blue ’91 Chevy K5 Blazer truck is up next and he is on fire even just at the beginning of the race. He makes it after just 46 seconds. Amazing!

Next is Dan Osterhout. He makes it in just a minute and a second!

Moon got the first place at only 46 seconds! Osterhout at 1:01 and Brown at 1:05.

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