The Official Bad Habit World Record Monster Truck Jump


World Record!


This is a long 45 minute video, so unless you have time I suggest fast forwarding to the good parts. This monster truck beats the old Bigfoot jumping world record after a couple of attempts. It’s kind of crazy this truck flies well over 200 feet through the air and you can see how big it is. It’s a monster truck of course it’s big.

There’s a bunch of buildup in the video some interviews with family friends hoping everything goes correctly. And then actually do the jump and not to spoil it but he does come up short initially.

They make some adjustments, which if you’re curious what they are you’ll have to watch the video. But after the adjustments he does set a new world record. It is just crazy watching the slow motion clips of the monster truck bad habit flying through the air.

I don’t think monster trucks were really made to fly through the air so this seems like it’s defying physics (of course it’s not) and is just really cool to see. 

Were you there? Comment on the Facebook post and let us know what you thought seeing it live in person.

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