The New HOT DOG mega Truck!

The all-new HOT DOG 2.0, well-named terrifying and so very HOT HOT HOT!
Let’s get started covering this magnificent giant of arena destruction. Some technical details to kick start your brain:

  • A newly built chassis
  • 2 four link suspensions as part of the new rebuild
  • 2.5 ton top loader axles
  • Weighs in at a mind-crushing 5500 POUNDS.
  • Motor’s an Injected Alcohol 5.5
  • Thick and treacherous, fifty inch tractor tires.

See HOT DOG in Action!

Starting with the first video contending for the Hot Dog’s attention, we begin talking to folks who know a thing or two about this fearsome ride. There are a lot of the technicalities we covered and quite a bit of close-ups on our, big, big beauty.
Safer, bulkier, tougher. The Hot Dog 2.0 is a vast improvement to its prior version who by all accounts isn’t a helpless little child. No, this beast has seen improvements some trucks can only dream of, making it a fury-disposal for any driver looking to blow off some of that black steam out of their systems.
By around 2:33 we finally get to take a look inside heaven on wheels and see what it feels like to be inside a true MEGA truck, and that’s not even the best part. Fast forward to 3:44 and for the first time ever, THE HOT DOG’S going on a speed run! You saw it here first folks, this is why they call it a Mega Truck, this is why you love it so much, this is why there on that screen is a true champion. It starts off with a leap of force, the ignition just hurling the truck forward so hard it bounces on top of the mini-hill. Next hill’s higher and so are they stakes, and what do you know, Hot Dog passes with flying colors (but mostly a ton of dust into the competitors’ eyes!)
That roar is what you live for, that roar you hear the engine making is how you want to spend your days for the rest of your life, that roar is HOT DOG! Give it some warm applauses ladies and gents, it can’t get any better than it already is!
And the results are in!!! The run’s over at 62.177 seconds, first place by a painful margin for any other vehicle: the Hot Dog just seems to stomp its rivals out so gracefully it’s almost beautiful.
Second run’s just as blasphemous to the ground and even better because you know you’re going to see a spectacular massacre. Hot Dog tears the ground from top to bottom while displaying amazing grip on it.
And it’s finished. A giant puff of smoke clouding everything around, speed and strength displayed on different levels with this maniac of a machine. Well done, Hot Dog. Well done.

Technical detail about the new Hot Dog build (watch the next video on the next page)

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