The Most Bad-ass Offroad Firetruck You’ve Ever Seen

Bulldog 4x4 Firetruck

Against fuming flames of forest fire, on rugged terrain, over sharp charred pines-these are just some of the things this stunning fire truck is capable of doing. As you are about to prove from this video, not many vehicles can walk in the forest and extinguish fires with this kind of finesse.

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With a body that is red on the front and white on the back, this bulldog fire truck is the perfect mixture of elegance and brutality. It is a marvel of a design but very dangerous against fires.

Just watch the machine as it comes across a blaze that looks so menacing and uncontrollable. It takes just a swipe of the truck’s powerful nozzles to smother the fire and turn it into small clouds of smoke within seconds. Like a chameleon’s eyes, the nozzles can move in almost all angles. Thanks to this mechanism, the truck can spit the water or foam whenever need arises.

Other details on this truck justify the confidence with which it spits its venom on fires. It has such a reinforced front that no fire or obstacle can dare stand in the way. On top of that, the truck is raised from the ground so that it can have an unobstructed view. With this kind of design, no mountain is too high to climb.

Those tires are simply unbelievable! They must be made of hardened steel inside and an equally strong coat on the outside. Walking through fire is not a joke but the truck just did that in those giant tires.

What about that huge reservoir at the back of the machine? It’s about half the size of this big truck so it must hold a lot of water. Specs from the makers show that it can hold 2,000 gallons of foam or water. That’s enough water to sustain a sizeable American household for several weeks.

Even if the path becomes impassable, this truck has one more card under the table. The hosepipe at the rear can stretch to unreachable corners and silence the fire.

Those LED lights are fantastic too!

I hope that you have enjoyed the video and learnt that an answer to even the craziest balls of fire has arrived. Hail to the Bulldog 4×4 fire truck from America!

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