Devils Loop Mud Monsters

This is not a drive down the parkway or some exciting time on the shore. Nobody here is having a sauna bath or picking the latest sneakers at the shopping mall. Simply put, this is a different kind of fun altogether.

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They are just enjoying the rivalry between nature and masses of metal and rubber. The mere fact that this is happening in the famous Devils Loop is enough reason for you to pause everything you are doing and check out this video.

This is just a teaser of what it’s like to push toys against all odds, countering the powerful forces of nature. Here at the Devils Loop, they have real mud. And today, this mud is the source of entertainment for everyone.

Then arrive the big bodies led by the black truck. They start their journey round the loop in a single file. There is no hurry in this race, it’s all about stamina and tact. One by one, the gigantic trucks launch their full weights into the first mud strip and wade through like there is no tomorrow.

As the muddy strips become deeper and thicker, the rigs have to prove their worth. Some parts of the Devils Loop are so deep that even the biggest wheels are completely submerged. Some of the bushes are too thick to offer any escape route. However, these freaks have powerful engines and bodies so most of them come out effortlessly.

It is not uncommon for some vehicles to stop, reverse and change course when the going gets tough. The agenda here is to get to the finish point without losing so many feathers. Sometimes a vehicle is stuck in the mud, but a stronger friend comes back and offers a helping hand. Chevy, Ford and others all need each other here.

There are smaller rigs too and they are impressive. Some are stuck but eventually they manage to overcome the bog. The guys with the heaviest machines and biggest tires clear the patches fastest.

As the machines rest after a hard day’s work, the drivers and compatriots can now have some more beer to cool down.

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