This Super Powered Buggy Is Magic, Watch And Discover Why!

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This is Bobby Tanner in his Coleworx Screaming Blue Buggy that drive up a vertical wall with wet tires. It’s a bit crazy to watch, seeing this thing with wheels drive up a wall, it should not be driving up!

A rock bouncer is a custom made four wheel drive machine with a racing truck engine capable of getting over some amazing obstacles. After watching a few “bouncer” videos you will understand why they have the nickname and why they are nothing like commercial trucks. These are not about subtly or finding the perfect line. A rockbouncer is a combination of pure power some amazing vehicle construction and drivers who don’t know how to let off the gas.

As you see from the video above they are capable of climbing almost vertical walls, and through pure tenacity will make it over things that even highly modified 4x4s would not get over.

The bouncers are built to protect the drive in an enclosed steel tube cage as well as to provide a rigid platform for the engine to sit and the suspension to hang from. Because these buggies are custom built with many custom and aftermarket performance parts, they each have a slightly different shape and personality.

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