I Thought for a Second The Subaru Outback 4×4 Was Stuck There Forever!

Subaru Stuck FI

Subaru outback 4×4 is modified to go off road at Moab. Four by four cars, though uncommon to make a good cheap four by four off road vehicle. This out back station wagon is spending some time in mickey’s hot tub. Mickey’s hot tub is a challenging obstacle in the Moab at area.
The obstacle is essentially a large deep tub which happens to be naturally occurring. You can see by the dark and surface that many four wheel drive trucks and vehicles have driven in and tried desperately to get out. While many make it many need help.
The Subaru outback wagon used here is clearly modified for off road use. The Subaru outback four by four is a well known four by four car which is typically favored in snow we regions. It takes something a little bit different like this guy, to rebuild his Subaru outback 4×4 into a true off-roader.

Watch as this outback station wagon tries to maneuver and get itself out of mickey’s hot tub

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