Stunt Family Flies High Breaking Two World Records


Back in our childhood days, we would do all kinds of crazy stunts with our dilapidated bikes. Talk about hitting mounds of soil and enjoying three seconds off fame in the air. The lucky ones would land safely and brag about their exploits for weeks. Even those that planted their heads in the soil did not give up but kept trying. That was that.

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Someone has taken this game too far-he is jumping monster wheelers, a semi truck to be specific. Just when you thought you have seen 100% of this crazy world, another dude comes straight from a coma and flies his rig, not anywhere else but on the same track that sent him to the ICU. You have to watch the following video to get a grip of this madness.

Gregg Godfrey is going to hit the massive dirt ramp in his semi truck. In this incredible video, the camera is set in the inside the lorry so we can see every action as the daredevil driver dashes towards the ramp. I just discovered that when these crazy drivers are launching their trucks, they don’t even see where they will land. It is all mountain of dirt in front but the driver gives no damn; it’s now or never.

He flies the gigantic truck an incredible 166 feet through the air. Nobody else in the history of truck jumping has ever done that.

The last time out, Tanner almost breathed his last on this track. Nevertheless, not even the morphine will stop him from attempting to equal his uncle’s feat today. He comes at full speed, focused like an eagle on its prey. He breaks the previous record too! At only 26, he is the new champion of his UTV category. His record is 8 feet better than the previous one. Simply unbelievable!

It’s a sweet comeback for the Godfrey family as they take two records home in less than a minute. Big congratulations!

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