Stunning stunt by Range Rover Evoque

Fans of Land Rover came to rely on the sturdy design, high reliability of performance and full-fledged off-road capabilities of the Land Rover vehicles.

Stunning stunt by Range Rover Evoque

At the high prices that these vehicles demand, people began to expect luxury options and beauty too. Thus spawned the idea for Range Rover cars, which are basically a concoction of off-road capabilities of Land Rover, luxury features and an exterior design that markedly has urban roots.

Range Rover Evoque fits that sweet spot where the car-like handling capabilities meet the power of SUVs. Understandably, Land Rover wished to show off Evoque’s handling precision and its agility to the world. That’s why they choose Asia’s biggest skate park in the heart of Shanghai to demonstrate the extraordinarily gravity-defying capabilities of Evoque. Click on the video to see this engineering marvel from Land Rover family maneuver almost precariously on Shanghai’s skate park.

You might be wondering at this point – since when did Land Rovers stopped flaunting their capabilities on mud and start doing it on some silly urban terrain? Well, Land Rover has revealed that the Range Rovers do not compete with their brothers in off-road challenges, yet their off-road capabilities are certainly way ahead of the competition in their target market. As you see, Range Rovers are more of city-cars targeted at youth.

Evoque comes with a four-wheel drive that automatically disengages at speeds above 22 mph. If you need it agan, it takes only 300 milliseconds to reengage. Complementing this is a torque-vectoring system which give these vehicles surprising agility and handling capabilities, especially on the city terrain. The Terrain Response system is programmed to control the response of hardware and stability software to different road surfaces. The results of all this is clearly visible in the video, as the Evoque’s performance mimics those of the best Olympic gymnasts.

In its quest to embrace urban lifestyle requirements, Evoque features low CO2 emissions and a high fuel economy of 20 mpg in city, 30 mpg on highway and 24 mpg combined. Now, you may have a question about this vehicle – does it deserve the Land Rover tag after all what we have heard so far? The answer is “yes”, but of course not as much as the rest of its buddies. But for a car targeted at urban population, it has exceptional off-road capabilities supported on its 19-inch wheels.

Whatever your doubts are about this vehicle, don’t think Land Rover did not expect any different from its audience. This video, it appears, is intended to silence the naysayers or better yet, to convert them into fans of a whole new generation of cars. Whether you are a fan of on-road or off-road cars, either way you are bound to enjoy the display of precision and control by the Evoque driver in this video.

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