Somehow This Day Of Mudding Ends With One Truck Stacked On Top Of The Other!

You won’t believe the ending.  Somehow this day of Redneck Mudding ends with one truck stacked on top of the other…  Mom would be so proud.
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The Outlaw Motor Sports Video SS captured all the 4×4 Monster Truck action at Good Time’s 4×4.  Nobody covers motor sports in New York State like Outlaw.

You’ll immediately understand why fans have crowded around the 120 foot long mud bog when you hear the revving engines and see the enormous tires and reinforced frames of the 4×4 monster trucks.

While this is a great show for those of us watching the video and the fans who are there in person, make no mistake that this is a competition.  The goal is to plow through the mud bog, making sure that your front tires cross the 120 foot line, in the shortest amount of time.

Be sure to watch to see what happens when a 4×4 driver forgets to put his monster truck in neutral when being pulled by a tractor.

Each run starts with a clean vehicle… police car white, lime green or navy blue.  But they all end the same way: mud brown.  You’ll smell the engines burn as they try to spin and claw their way to the other side of the bog to make it to the elusive 120 foot mark.

Those 4×4 monster trucks that are able to make it through the Good Time’s 4X4 mud bog parade out of the area by cruising on the trail into the woods.

But perhaps the real show starts when the 4×4 monster trucks don’t make it to the other side.  The whirling tires fire mud all over the place.  Nobody is safe from a surprise mud facial when those enormous tires get moving.

When it is clear that they aren’t getting to the other side and the 120 foot mark, the flag is waved, the foot is removed from the accelerator, and the monster trucks have to head back to the starting line.

Of course, they can’t do it alone.  First of all, they’re probably stuck in the deep muddy ruts they just dug.  And if that isn’t enough, the over-worked engine is most likely right on the edge of over-heating.

Enter everybody’s hero, the recovery tractor.  Each 4×4 is outfitted with a winch rope so the tractor can drag it out of the mud.  Decide for yourself if the monster truck or the tractor that bails them out is the star of the show.

After each run, you’ll want to watch a replay to confirm that you saw what you think you saw.  Luckily, The Outlaw Motor Sports Video SS provides a slow-motion replay from a different angle.

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