Skimming Your Four by Four Across The Water Like A speed Boat!

Hydroplaning FI

Hydroplaning in Iceland, now that’s an interesting video to behold, water and cars intertwined in an exciting video about going through obstacles with sheer power of will, mostly taken from the fearlessness of the driver and the immediate obedience of your ride. Trucks on water like the picture suggests is what you’ll be seeing, but that’s not necessarily everything you’ll get out of it. Let’s get it on!

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First off we get to see an awesome POV from the driver in the fierce blue ride, tearing it up on the field, going through everything thoroughly. Next up a yellow contender, just as good, maybe more. It passes through water and mud like they were flimsy grass and flower gardens. The thing about these raw racers is their ruthless amount of engine thrust, and hands on approach to the field they’re going through. These aren’t any amateur drivers; they’ve been over these fields of water and land time and time again, and they know how one handles either without jamming into anything, or wrecking a ride (or two, or five, or more).

By minute 1:53 we see an awesome use of moderate acceleration to surpass the watered land, even though it does slow him down, the driver recognizes he’s getting into dangerous grounds and he might swerve into a rock or worse if he doesn’t get ahold of his beast. That’s commendable, in my opinion, and professional, to not have a triggerfinger on your gas pedal.

Minute 2:05 we get to see a simple pass across watered land, though right after we get to compare just how fast a car is on this terrain: we see the jet skis and know how much is actually possible with water-based vehicles, in comparison to land-based vehicles. Truly makes for a diverse, intense watch.

All-in-all, it doesn’t much matter, as long as there’s a screeching motor and a roaring crowd, I’m in. Awesome display of driving and cars, land and water alike!

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