Silver Dodge 2500 Vs Ford F350 Tug Of War At Wapak Tug Fest

Photo 1

This is a video taken at a Wapak Tug Fest on May 18, 2013. Two pickup trucks are on the tug of their lives! One is a white Ford F350 pickup truck and the other one is a silver Dodge pickup truck.

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Are you now wondering which truck wins and which one loses? Brace yourself, you’ll never guess it! The sun is up and when the sun is up, people just do all sorts of adventures outdoors.

At the beginning of this video, you’ll find on the right side the white Ford F350 pickup truck. While on the left side, you’ll find the silver Dodge. The white Ford pickup truck is massive compared to the Dodge. Its tires are way bigger than the other truck’s. It has a number “23” decal on its upper left corner of its right side.

A guy in an orange shirt waves a reddish flag signaling for the tug-of-war to commence. On the Ford’s side, another guy in a sleeveless shirt is holding a steel rod with a camera on its tip. It looks like this guy is documenting each and every moment of the event. The driver of the Ford is wearing a blue shirt and white shades. When the tug-of-war starts, the two pickup trucks don’t seem to move. But then after a few seconds, the Ford F350 pickup truck steals the show!

It drags the silver Dodge out of its starting point. The people cheers! They went at it again. It seems like the silver Dodge wanted a rematch. At first, the silver Dodge pickup truck dragged the Ford a couple of feet away. But then the Ford pickup truck accelerated and wins the second round of their contest.

Did you see that coming? Both pickup trucks are incredibly powerful and beautiful!

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