Sick Jeep Strikes Again, Only Bigger And Better!

jeep wrangler strikes again

You need to put the right wheels on your jeep to get it to conquer any terrain.

The fully forged high compression BBC pistons give this jeep an edge over all its competitors. You can hear it roar inside you. The 2.5 tons Rockwells deliver the promise while the 4 link suspension adds yet more to the design and performance of this Jeep. So that when it comes to the big day, this baby runs by you so fast that you are compelled to catch your breath.

The beauty of this jeep is surely the 5.7” tractor tires. The custom rugger wheels allow this Jeep to maneuver through the rough terrain easily. So with this Jeep as your partner you have no more No Go Areas everywhere is within your reach. You just need to go ahead, put the key in the ignition and the world is yours to discover and travel.

The jeep includes a rear mounted radiator. It also boasts the 16C race fuel. So you can make your way with equal ease both through hard and rough roads and the murky waters.  

When put into real life testing, this jeep comes as one big surprise. The roaring engine, the sturdy body, excellent mechanics, fabulous suspension, exceptional power… this baby is one power feature packed toy…. all for you to play with.

So no more thinking twice before you leap. With this Jeep you forge right head with your plans; come what may in your path!!! This jeep gives you the confidence to venture into the territories that you never explored before.

The amazing suspension and rigged tires of this Jeep ensure that you always land on your feet. No more fear of titling over. The spectacular suspension and grip of the wheels is marvelous. You can feel the power of this engine in your bones as you drive it.

All the features of this Jeep make it evident that this ride is equally suited for off road racing or rock crawling. This Jeep can thus take all the heat that you put it through. Its high speed off road working and performance makes it one killer package. Happy Driving!!!


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