Semi-truck Jumps an Epic 166 feet!!!


Hold on to your hats before you click play! I guarantee that you will be left in awe after watching this video. But before anything else, ask yourself this question, “Can a semi-truck jump an epic 166 feet?” You will know the answer to that question in less than a minute after watching this amazing video.

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The daredevil drivers such as the girl or guy in this video know the dangers that they put themselves in but they just do it anyway. They could endanger themselves and as well as the children and parents present at the vicinity. Despite the risks and the difficulty of the task, these kinds of drivers get the job done

At the beginning of this video, you’ll see a six-wheeler, white semi-truck with red rims and some people around the dirt take-off ramp. There are a few buildings at the side of the road. There is also a steam roller standing by. You could also find a big black trailer on the road and the people’s trucks behind the barbed-wire fence. The crowd cheers and takes photos and videos of what’s about to happen. The people also don’t care even if it’s a very dangerous place to be at.


The semi-truck makes a run for it and goes straight towards the end of the ramp. Once the white semi-truck reaches the end of the slope, it lunges up in the air and stays there for approximately seven seconds. The blast off is amazing! The white semi-truck keeps sailing foot after foot and reaches 166 feet before landing on the ground. You’ll definitely hold your breath. And after the truck lands, you’ll just find yourself cursing or not. But, I’m sure it shocks you. That’s one way to spend 33 seconds of your day! It’s definitely worth it! This is gotta be a world record. I hope you like this epic jump as much as I did.

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