RZRs Get Destroyed by Boat Ramp

Boat Ramp RZR FI

RZR vehicles are powerful and fast! You’ll get your adrenaline fix with these babies. Ever wonder what it would like owning and driving an RZR? After viewing this video, you’ll definitely want to figure it out! RZRs are 2-seater vehicles that can go through muddy and watery obstacles uphill or downhill. At the beginning of this video, one red RZR lost its right rear wheel from going too fast over rocks. The crowd whistles and cheers. But when one RZR tumbles over, the crowd goes wild. There is a neon green RZR that goes too fast but when it’s about to go up, it goes back downhill a few yards. If you love riding dirt bikes, I’m sure you will love these four-wheeler RZRs!

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In the middle of the video, another red RZR goes downhill on such speed that it topples over. But the steel around the RZR protects the driver and the passenger. But you have got to wear a helmet for your safety. The crowd cheers as one RZR goes lightning fast after another. The cheering crowd helps the red RZR back to its feet or should I say wheels. You will also notice that the people around the course don’t take their helmets off. After 4 minutes of this video, you’ll find a white RZR that goes through the whole rocky path with such ease but both of its front axis get shattered from the impact.

One white RZR goes way to fast that when it reaches the middle of the rocky course, it goes sideways and get stuck on a big rock. Most of the RZRs on this video have a hard time going up the hill. But the crowd goes wild every time an RZR tumbles over. They shout with joy while turning the fallen vehicles over.  There is just so much fun in that!

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