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There we go again, another battle between two COLOSSI, trying to jump over their own limits to win! I love these competitions not only because we get to see the giants Blue and Green here fight it out with their massive strength and bulk, but because this is just an honest power-off between two power-trucks! You can’t get any more raw than this, just fighting it out, burning fuel by the gallons, making the steering wheel slippery with tense sweat.

And there we go! The race is on and without anything to hold them back they just BURST! And the strongest burster wins, which is GREEN. Funny because by that amount of black smoke it doesn’t look too green! Nice victory to start off the event here, let’s see where these monsters take us next.

Blue gives us a push up next; a real push, a tough one, and he’s close to it, but green takes it out of the park once again, effortlessly debunking blue’s claim over the win! It seems green (who was chastised for playing with blue’s emotions!) won this one, and we get off to the next competition, this time with a more powerful looking truck. We’ll call it yellow for convenience’s sake.

Seems that through a sort of test-run, we see green’s capable of towing yellow, though I’m not sure if this was a real fight. Probably not. Next up though, it’s fierce. We see yellow begin, straddling the ground with its not-so-impressive tires and just forcing green into its way. The green we knew just a minute ago isn’t gone and it shows: he fights, he squeaks and the massive wheels just keep jumping up in protest. No good. Yellow just tows him like it’s nobody’s business, heaving back the green monster with impressive finesse.

Next one! Quite the shocker, again! This little fellow is just sturdy, he’s on fire, but more like a little controlled flame master instead of a full-on blast like green here. The black puff keeps coming out of his blowhole but nothing ends up the way poor green wants to, with yellow just ripping him out of the asphalt! Amazing how much of a different kind of fight this is now.

A new type of one-off race, similar heavyweight demons just wrestling it out on our arena of victory and humiliation; let’s see who takes which!
We start with Rightie taking the plunge and just pushing, screaming through gritted teeth with its engine and wheels. Fumes stick out, drivers bounce, and the car just doesn’t move! No victor this time.
Next up, same opponents, and Leftie takes it! The sturdy guy wins once again, with finesse and control. Very cool.

Last one, and even though Rightie really puts his heart into it, Leftie takes it once again! Another development and Rightie actually recruits a whole bunch of people to add dead weight to his truck! Might be a bit unsafe, but once the black smoke’s running there’s no turning back, Rightie is slowly but surely jamming his way towards victory.

The final one doesn’t go as planned and Green shoves Red right out of the road and way too close to some people. Too much.

Beyond the little safety concern at the end, this event was a real treat for the eyes. Heavyweights rule!

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