RC Trucks Tug-O-War. Epic Struggle Of Mini Trucks!

Another EPIC Tug of War challenge! Just by looking at the intense picture above you could see this one’s going to be all sorts of fun! Even though we’re not dealing with real trucks (sad face), this is still as hair-raising as it gets. Especially if you got money on one of these tiny badboys! Let’s take a look who’s running first.

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Seems it’s a father and son run, the first contestants bound by genes. The blue one falls back, the black one just barely scraping forward, but steadily winning this thing. Dad throws his arms in the air, because he’s the winner in this little family-feud!

Next up, White and Blue, and they get at it! White is dealt a pretty swift coup de grace by Blue, and we’re off to the next race, the defeated contestant returning to his place with a tense jaw and loose mouth.

Leftie and Rightie have at it for quite a while, both pulling their might forward. Somebody even screeches how awesome this is, sand flying everywhere, Leftie just slightly in the lead. It’s still pretty tight, until Rightie finally gives in and loses this one. Quite the match!

Left and Right go at it hard once again; you can’t expect anybody to back down. And the chain jams into one of Right’s tires! Talk about bad luck. Left takes this one.

Red and White, both hard men, pulling this tiny metallic rope. Not a long battle, but an interesting one nonetheless. White takes the pie this time, another Dad grinning his way up this tournament.

Green and Pink up next! Pink immediately gets pulled, and the lady inevitably screams. Green wins.

We got Right and Left again, two different cars, jamming hard into the ground. Sand everywhere, Left fighting it out, pulling hard for a while, looking like it’s going to win. And Right bursts! Somehow, he managed to fly forward, disregarding everything Left has tried up until one. And he’s got it! Right got it!

White and Red in a battle that ended (way) too quickly, Red obliterating White with its impressive dominion over this competition. Ouch!

Eliminations are done for the first round, and we’re off with another run. Black and Green take it personally, yet Green taking it just a bit harder. Green takes this one!

Silver and Black ignite and thrust, but only one winner stays, and that’s Black and quite the short go-at-it.

Red and Blue fight! Blue propels, and it’s over before we know it. Damn, these just keep getting shorter and shorter!

Green and White go, go, go! Green swerves off the course, but still wins! Nice. Semifinals next!

Black and Green go at it, Black just a tiny bit sturdier. It took a while, and was totally inexorable. Black’s cake just got bigger!

Blue and Green take up the summon and brawl it out! Green falls back disappointingly, and Blue wins this round. Finals, right now!

We’ve been waiting for this, and it got here earlier than expected! The final showdown, Blue and Black, both itching to get this over with! The battle begins, and is over before we can even move forward in our seats. Black takes it out of the park! Nice!

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