Putting Wheels on a Monster Truck Like A Boss

Monster Truck Like A Boss

It vibrates all the eardrums within 200 meters and crushes any obstacle that comes across its path. It has the power of over 1500 horses and stands at least 10 feet in height. Its engine is extraordinarily powerful. It can leap over a dozen cars and land safely to the ground.

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This can only describe one thing: A monster truck.

How do they even manage to bring these creatures to the stadiums? Those giant wheels would surely cause havoc in town, countryside and everywhere. We have this video to explain how monster trucks are transported and how those rings are fixed.

Captain’s Curse, the beast in question, is being unloaded from a trailer and prepared for battle. Specifically, the machine is getting a brand new set of giant tires. It is a seemingly simple process, but it’s only because the power of technology is in control.

Those tires must weigh close to a metric ton. Even rolling them from the white trailer to the rig is a complete hassle for this guy. The tires are also damn thick and a massive seven feet tall. Look at the grooving and treads! I can bet that no surface can prevent the progress of this rig.

Most of the process is automated, with the guys only needing to bring the massive tires in position. They start with the front tires, and then the rear ones. Yes, they lean a little bit on the tires, but the sucking power of the machine does most of the work. The dude uses a cordless impact driver, which I guess tightens the screws on the wheels. With the four wheels intact, Captain’s Curse can go anywhere now.

The video just demonstrated that monster trucks don’t move around in those big tires. Instead, they change into smaller rings and then hop into their trailers. Now you know, seeing those mud bogging stunts is a huge privilege.

Talking of seeing live action, it appears the machine has already won a loyal fan even before going to the competition. The kid has a miniature copy of the truck-also called Captain’s Curse-and is enthusiastic about it.

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