Power Wheels Mud Bog – Teach Them Young!

Kids and Mud

This is just fun! Watch the kids try to get through their own mud with these electric mini-trucks. I bet you’re green right now, jealousy poppin’ out about kids that got to play monster trucks before turning ten. I know I am!
You wouldn’t know it by looking at them, but these kids aren’t professional racers. Look at them go, see the look of accomplishment they get as they ride these scary mini-monster-trucks? That’s them having the purest fun they could possibly have. That’s the great thing about kids; they truly have fun, and if they don’t, they let you know. Immediately.

While the first video features some hardcore racing action, I found myself enjoying the second video even more! Would you just look at how carefully these kids drive? These are the responsible adults of tomorrow. Well, all of them save for the little one in the helmet, right at the beginning. There’s a reason the little fella is wearing protective headgear; he’s a daredevil in training! I’d want to see this little warmonger grow up to be truly a feisty driver, one that never stopped wearing his helmet for fear of crashing into something. Hard.
I’d have to say my personal favorite would be the little pink princess in the pinker truck. She looked to be one of the children with driving experience, but more importantly, she was having oodles of fun driving around in her sick ride. I can’t describe to you (not verbally) how much she did not care about anything but just driving that royal pink truck around; you’ll just have to see it firsthand. I bet all the other little girls were jealous.

Just goes to show you racing isn’t an all-man sport. Heck, it’s not even a manly sport, considering our special pink racer probably outdid most of the other riders.
Do yourself a favor, check out the videos below. They’re just awesome to watch.

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