The Stump Jump

Stump Jump FI

Just a stump, they said. It’s only wood, they said. It’s not even that high, they claimed. Well, have we got a surprise for you, this stump is one hell of a challenger, going up against several determined riders, kicking off one by one.

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¬†Would anybody surpass this log menace? Would anybody go through the proposed dare, and pass it with the coveted flying colors? Stump Jump, let’s get it on!

Jason Reine gives it a go, prodding the tree, trying it out for the first time. He examines it, and goes at it again, trying it still. Finally, we see him give it a semi-real go, and fail rather miserably. Next, same result, the bike even gets stuck at the top of the stump. The attempt after, Jason is full blown dropped, and stumbles out of the scene rather violently, and persistently as he just about knocks the cameraman over. He tries again after that, just falling smack to the floor, the wheels on his motorcycle still hovering on top of the impassive stump. Ouch.

A red mini-truck tries at it next, the wheels just going over to the top of the stump. Not really realistic, if you ask me.

Another rider gives it ago, yellow motorcycle flying on the stump, yet still falling over harshly. One of the final attempts ends rather rapidly, but it’s almost there. The bike gets stuck at the top of the stump, and it ends there. Another one manages to get the bike over, yet the driver didn’t come along with it. And finally! Jason gets his bike revved up good, drives into the stump, and lands on top of it. He gives it a final go, and the bike gets on and over the stump, landing in thin green grass. Well done!

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