Big Crashing Freestyle Mudding All In One Plaxce

Mud Crash FI

August 24th, clear air and fresh skies. We’re off to one of the most gratifying freestyle events to have been on this green planet, and before we even begin I can already feel my feet tingling with excitement.

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Ten seconds in and we already see our speed beast racing down the muddy ground–it’s quite the vehicle, seems the driver opted for a lighter monster truck, an agile hawk instead of a roaring dragon. We’ll see how that fans out for him.

23 seconds in and he’s off like a thunderstorm! That ignition, dear audience, is what makes this a tempting choice; look how it goes, ignoring the hundreds of pounds it must weigh! Amazing. Moving forward we see our driver disappear in a cloud of mist and maybe we even worry a bit. Did the vehicle only throw promises around with its sweet engine hum?

We catch a glimpse of him by 0:50: he’s back and ready for action, the wheels screeching on top of brown weeping mud. He’s already circling around the perimeter, looking for easy prey, enjoying the wind’s freedom.

1:21 in and we see that mini-hill, 1:23 and he’s on top and 1:25 he’s up and over after a nerve-wrecking twist. He’s back up and solid and continues as if nothing even happened, passing by a large bulldozer, maybe even taunting it with its raw power.

It goes on another hill, its wheels darkened and face sweaty and the pressure is too much and he feels the air on his forehead and the truck flips! Roof first it dives right into that mud, you’ve seen it here first folks, this is quite the ending to a parade of power done by our red nemesis here.

He stays defeated on the ground and you could hear screams getting to him, but he goes up on that truck and flaps his hands triumphantly anyway! It’s all about the sport, and he knows it. Well done.
Red Mud Flying2

Red Mud Flying3

Red Mud Flying4

Red Mud Flying

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