Up, Up And Away! This Old Truck Leaps Into The Air!

Chevy Blazer(8)

What else are you going to do when work is canceled and you have been trapped inside because of snow? On the first day you can get outside you remember that you have a HUGE dirt pile and an old pickup truck. Together this is some INSANE entertainment. 

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Hitting the gas the gas the truck seems to have trouble getting going, but by the time it hits the “jump” it is going fast enough to LEAP into the air! I am sure everyone involved was surprised at how high this truck flew and for a fraction of a second were wondering IF it would come down at all, or if it had escaped gravity. 

I have no idea how the driver turned out, hopefully ok. 

Even though this is an old Ford Truck, you always have to wonder what the history of truck is when you are buying something used. Was it used for jumping just before the owner went to but a new 2015 truck? 

This reminds me of an old Dukes of Hazard episode, only in the show the truck would land and continue it’s high speed chase….. not so here!

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