Offroad bridge.I hate to admit it, but I held my breath through this whole video. 4×4

Extreme offroad bridge

Since time immemorial, engineers have come up with crazy bridge designs. While some of these designs are pleasant to look at and use, others are an absolute death trap. The video you are about to see can make your heart race out of place.

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Be warned, if you have a phobia for heights, stay away from this video. Not only that, a simple miscalculation can send you crashing into the dangerous waters of the river below so people with hydrophobia should avoid the video too.

This bridge is 570 meters long and 15 meters above the Siberian Vitim River. These daredevils are about to undertake this deadly adventure, which only a select few have successfully accomplished.

Crossing this bridge is like making a death wish. The bridge is so dilapidated that the meek will not even look at it twice. From rotting pieces of Siberian pines to overhanging pieces of century old metal, the bridge looks like it can collapse from the slightest touch. Amazingly, some people are still ready to drive across it in customized vehicles like this one.

The evident poor traction on the road is not the only danger lurking in this Vitim River bridge. The road is so narrow that it barely accommodates one vehicle. Worse still, all the side rails have since rotted and gone to be with the inhabitants of the deep river.

One thing with wood is that you never know how it will behave after exposure to harsh weather. Extreme snowing in Siberia has definitely worked on this bridge hence the tension as the truck makes its careful strides towards the end of the bridge.

The truck is lucky to make it to the other side with no incident. It’s a reprieve as the crew joins the club of the few who live on the extreme edge. Wow! That was the most sick three minutes ever.

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