Where No 4×4 Truck Has Ever Been

No Truck Has Ever Been

They arrive in a convoy, ready with their lunchboxes and toolboxes. The weather looks fine. The stage is set for a remarkable day out in the intriguing woods. Welcome to one of the remotest parts of Alaska where no 4×4 truck has ever been. A team comprising of about five off-road trucks is about to make history!

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Alaska’s conditions are crude even when the sky is clear and some sun is staring on the terrain. Nevertheless, the invite from the sun is so sweet that these adventurers have decided to have fun in the unexplored tracks and let the trucks have a taste of nature.

It appears that the team’s process is one of discovering this expansive territory-their speed is measured. Their rigs have the ability to take them to deep areas of the lush forest-places where other nature lovers have never been.

The first stage of this expedition is crossing a stream of crystal-clear water. The drivers brave the powerful waves, drive across and have a short deserved break. They must thank their machines for having powerful engines and tough rubber. Otherwise, the sharp rocks in the streams can easily end this crazy trip.

The trucks share the makeshift track with a couple of canines that came along, so the drivers have to be extra careful. Nonetheless, it’s absolute fun as the trucks clear one obstacle after another.

Inside the forest, the terrain is very rugged; enough to even punish a hardened Jeep Cherokee. At one instance, it appears as if the Jeep is about to give up. However, this is not an option, as this will demoralize the rest of the team.

The trail takes the rigs against forest trees, and either they or the trees have to give way. Do you feel like some of these fellows are just having fun pushing the trees to the ground?

Are they afraid in this virgin territory? May be a little; the weather could change anytime.

They don’t fear Alaska adventures for nothing. That was one heck of adventure on the 4×4 trucks.

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