Nissan Patrol Climb FI

The driver of the Nissan Patrol accepted the challenge to drive his powerful machine up one of the steepest hills in the land of King Salman. It’s a charged environment as the Nissan Patrol seeks to take everybody in attendance to cloud nine.

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The crowd has already arrived for this crowning moment. Other drivers are also here. They have joined watchers for this impending spectacle.

Broom broom…the engine roars as the white Nissan Patrol accelerates towards the incline. It is such a scary climb ahead that any sane driver wouldn’t attempt to pilot their machine on such a track (Well, unless they have the guts and driving skills like this driver).

Like a possessed warthog, the Patrol rattles along the expanse with its eyes fixed on the finish line. From afar, the little rig looks like a meteor approaching a tor in the Himalayas. Everybody is dead silent at this moment. Will this be the fastest sprint today?

Up he goes, pressing as hard on the gas, and literally throwing the remaining bits of caution out of the window.

Within 10 seconds, the Patrol is already past halfway the climb and at 15 seconds it reaches the summit. Instead of the vehicle making a U-turn, something incredible happens. The Nissan topples like a drunk and bites the sand!

All the while, a second vehicle positioned at the summit watches remorsefully but helplessly. It is clear that the Nissan Patrol has to face this predicament alone. Even the crowd at the bottom and top of the hill cannot intervene. The vehicle lifts itself up and rushes back to the foot of the hill, and then towards the final stretch on the flat sandy surface. Applause fills the air as the Nissan crosses the finish line triumphantly.

This video is a demonstration of the courage and skill it takes to ride a machine up a dangerously steep slope of loose sand, with everybody watching with expectation.

The driver’s time of 15 seconds to the summit offered a dumfounding experience for everybody who was at the scene in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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