Nissan Pathfinder Modified For Uphill Drag racing!

Okay, this is a little bit out there uphills and dragracing. As I watch the video can figure out how to summarize it the first few minutes were boring walkaround of the trucks ahead of the evening’s events.

Now I prefer vehicles in motion to the ones just sitting there but this may be exciting for you. If you really hear just see the action, skip ahead till about the five minute mark where these land rockets to start blasting off straight up this giant Hill.

It’s a nighttime event and the lights are awfully bright at the bottom but not so much at the top.

The sand is thick loose in deep and never the cars have a problem even making it up the drag race Hill.

Start the video we want, it’ll be entertaining no matter what……………

[intelliplayer template=”432″ videourl=”” width=”800″ height=”400″ scrolling=”no”]

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