Mud Racing Truck Falls Apart But Keeps Racing! Crowd Goes Wild!




Truck Thrashing: Watch the Wheels Fly off their Trucks

OH, wow ! R.I.P. is right, this guy is listening to the crowd and announcer when he pushes so hard his front wheel falls off!  Does this stop him? No way he completes another lap and then finally stops the truck.

The audience just goes wild when the wheel comes off – it’s a good show for them.

It’s time for monsters! Today, we will introduce you to two monster trucks and their owners.
One, that are juggernauts and don’t stop no matter what unstoppable hell you bring on them. Second, hellish troll sized monsters that follow the adage – the bigger it is, the harder it falls. Now, it is no secret that truck owners love to show off their big machines. So what happens when they bite the dust? Will they cower in shame and hide away? Nope. It’s part of the fun of owning a pickup truck. You never truly bite the dust. Don’t believe us? Ask the fans!

R.I.P Mud Truck
Ever seen a 3-wheeler truck? Well, today you will, at least technically. Check out the video above to see the awesome driving skills of a 3-wheeler truck. No, we are not kidding, check it out yourself. This is the actual video of a mud truck driver showing off his and his vehicle’s skills at the Thunder Valley Mudplex.
The video starts with a pretty normal routine of the driver rushing his truck through some heavy mud terrain. The pickup is roaring like a lion, and has the crowd mesmerized with its performance on a track, which would be a nightmare for a normal car. He jumps his truck over the mud obstacles with confidence that comes with owning a pickup truck. Then he jumps another. The commentator is cheering, the crowd is cheering, and, we assume, the driver is gloating too. He finishes the first part of the lap and takes a 180 degree turn to complete the second half. This is when the fun begins.
As soon as he completes the turn, his 4-wheel drive suddenly transforms itself into a 3-wheel drive pickup. Yeah, take that transformers. In your face Shia LaBeouf. Your cars are not the only ones capable of doing this. No, seriously, this guy is plowing through knee-deep mud and his front right wheel suddenly decides, “No dude, I want a race of my own”. It promptly decides to part with the driveshaft and goes its own way. Now, technically we have two racers in the game – one, the pickup truck and his owner, and the other one, the transformer tire.
Someone else would have simply given up, and stopped their truck right there. But no. The driver is in no mood to lose. He told his mates that he will win and he isn’t going to let a stupid transformer tire change anything. He goes ahead, rides his 3-drive with the front right drive shaft joints plowing through mud, and finishes the lap. Amidst the ecstatically cheering crowd. It is a pleasure to watch such drivers in action. Click on the video and enjoy.


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Monster Truck
Now, this video is a proof of how the mighty fall. The video starts with 8 monster trucks – big, scary, roaring monster trucks – lined up like a firing squad. They are the kind of trucks that crush half a dozen mid-size cars in a couple of seconds. One of them actually does. The driver takes his pickup and rides them on 3 cars, and a mud obstacle. Then he takes a turn and tries to repeat the performance on a second similar obstacle. He completes the obstacle, and then BAM! We have another transformer here. The truck suddenly becomes a 3-wheeler as its front right wheel decides to quit the race. The vehicle tumbles, and the emergency personnel approach the vehicle. The driver is unharmed, and comes out of his vehicle amidst the cheers of the crowd. Crowds love this. This is entertainment. Clearly, you never die (figuratively) in a truck race. Your fans won’t let you. You have to watch this.


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