Mud Dragster Launches Like A Rocket!

Mud Race FI

Quite the intro we’re in for: this power-hungry truck is already grunting by the start of our video. And just like I thought, there’s no way of describing what just went on! You’ll have to see it for yourself to understand, maybe just the word ‘ferocious’ would help make you ready. Soil just flies out into the air, just a current of it bursting open from the ground into the truck and out into the open. 7th place.

Next up is a similar truck hitting it in the 6th, flinging just a twinge less sand but using its power more effectively. Good strategy. 5th place doesn’t look too different, but it makes it higher nonetheless.

4th place drew bright flames on its hull and for good reason. We get to see it fling itself forward with immense momentum, so immense the camera slows down so we could just revel in this demon’s speed.It is literally raining dirt. Nice.

3rd place’s up with 2.039 secs and as he explodes forward I have to say I’m impressed and also a bit amused. The crowd is totally taking the heat with ground and sand just flying straight at it through the air. The women there probably had a good rinse to their hair when they returned home.

Getting close! Second place sets on FIRE during its run! That’s insane, and enough to tilt your hat to the fella. 1.979 seconds through the entire field, quite the gap between the last place. Than again, nobody else has fire on their car during their run.

1st place is taken by Chris and his unconventionally purple ride. I wonder if there’s a story behind that piece of machinery, but truth be said, it doesn’t matter much! Chris and his purple demon take the cake, leaving smoke and dirt for their competition! 1.843 seconds, a reserved-looking ride that just all-out amazed everyone. Way to go!

To finish off the video we get a nice bonus: A disqualified drive by Bounty Hunter. Let’s watch. What a run, too bad we didn’t get to see the time. Bounty went in with everything and knocked out just about everything when he rammed into the lane. Was still an impressive run, and I’m glad the competition fanned out like it did.

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