Banks Modified HMMVV Takes On The Stock HMMVV


Banks Engineering has put together some upgrades for the standard US Military HMMVV. The HMMVV is a severely under-powered vehicle, but given the ability to upgrade, maybe it can be a worthwhile platform. 

In this video Mr Banks, goes over all of the options that could go into standard HMMVVs to upgrade the fleet at a much lower cost than replacing all of them with a new vehicle. 

Any of you have driven the armored HMMVV know how slow

25 second 1/4 mile for the standard Up-Armored HMMVV

Banks version – 21.6 second quarter mile. 

These vehicles are made to be shot at and absorb bullets, not for the track. 

Another interesting feature of the Banks upgraded HMMVV is the electronically controlled suspension. It is discussed at length in the video. 

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