LOUISIANIMAL Is A Crazy Beast Of A Truck!

Louisianimal FI

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Here we see the incredible Louisianimal, all revved up for a video featuring just how brutal she can be to a field of mud. And man, does she take mud brutalizing to a whole new level. See how she flies through the field, the green of her hull a blur, her wheels just about flying on the ground? Those rumbles, this is what it’s all about. She passes a hill with ease, and we get to see her bounce over a lake. It goes wrong at the beginning but the well-to-do Louisianimal starts up her engine and passes the obstacle with ease!

A quick circle and she’s off inside another fearsome run. White smoke encircles the field, everyone is incredulous at how good this little trucker is at clearing out wet sand.

Next up, Louisianimal in a more nightly setting, teasing the field on top of a small mud hill. She goes up and over, and flingsĀ herself upward! Nice performance, an agile tiger through these fields is what I’d call this fiery one.

Another go-’round, the engine being as loud as a charging hippo, the clouds of crushed sand flying everywhere–including into the audience! It seems by now our beast’s getting tired, so she circles the ring and calls it a day.

Next up we’re treated with slow-mo footage of the Louisianimal, blazing up the field with impressive performance, on top of everyone’s expectations of what it’s able to do. It flies through the air, like it doesn’t even weigh anything, and I for one don’t know if I should be impressed or just realize this is how the Louisianimal rolls! I wonder how much a motorized hellhound like this would go for, since it’s probably the best money anybody could spend these days, if only for the astonished gawks from your friends!

This has been the Louisianimal, ladies and gents. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!

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