The Longest Jump Ever In Huckfest History


There is a difference between truck jumping and insane jumping at Huckfest. That’s what you will discover when you watch the following video as the maddest custom made trucks show the crowd what they are made of.

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After a busy day, the crowd gathers for the Huck Fest in Pismo Beach, California ready to behold the beauty and scintillating action from the best trucks in town.

People had come from as far as Michigan since they want a firsthand account of the action. The trucks are built to impress in all aspects. On the appearance part, they are on point. Everybody is now eager to see whether the machines are equally impressive in the jumps. With the likes of old Ford and other popular machines taking part, this contest is anyone’s, but time will tell.

It’s a beehive of activities as the organizers ensure everything runs according to plan, the trucks get last minute polishing, and the crowd wishes the action had already started.

Finally, we are on! One after another, the monsters speed along the track, hit the dune and launch like projectiles. Didn’t the wise men say that you should never judge a book by its cover? The green Ford may be eons old, but it can match the much younger trucks. Very surprising!

However, it seems like the pompous arrival of Mike Hollywood Higgins changed the sand game altogether. There’s something about walking out of an expensive Las Vegas hotel and getting a heroic entry into the arena.

His confidence must be sky-high as he prepares to take Pismo Beach by storm. Do the other toys stand a chance? Let’s see how good he is.

Cameras and eyes are set as the driver makes a turn and dashes towards the launching pad. One powerful hit at 80 mph and he is airborne. The jump is huge!

So, can you jump 169 feet with your truck? Mike Hollywood Higgins just did that and produced the longest jump of the evening. Not only that, it’s the best in the history of the Pismo Beach Huck Fest! Come on! Give that man a medal already!

There you have it. The Huckfest is a huge success and we have a new record. Great work Higgins and all the other guys who pushed him all the way.

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