Chevrolet Duramax vs Ford Powerstroke vs Dodge Cummins!

diesel showdown Chevrolet Duramax - Ford Powerstroke - Dodge Cummins

The top spot for the ultimate heavy-duty truck is a coveted position that has given automakers sleepless nights for decades. Every year, they improve their previous versions to update them and make them more competitive in the current automotive market. Also, contrary to popular perception, it is not all about power when it comes to trucks. Granted, your truck’s ability to pull tonnage is always appreciated, a reliable and desirable truck should do more than just pull thousands of pounds. Whether it is about maneuverability on the hillside, or about comfortably navigating the off-road terrain, a truck should not falter.
In this video, a Chevy dealer pits three monsters to show off their capabilities and evaluate them in the real world scenarios. You get to see a GMC Sierra 3500 Heavy Duty, a Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty and a Ford F350 Super Duty tested at a quarter-mile race, a 2000 mile trip, on braking abilities, and so on. To understand the comparison and to truly appreciate the capabilities of each of these trucks, you need to first get a rundown on the machinery under their hood.


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