Kids Behind The Wheels In A Tug Of War

Power Wheels Tug

Hey, parents and kids, stop whatever you are doing. Come witness two minutes of one of the most captivating sibling rivalry. A parent is at the center of this fight is even promising goodies for whoever comes out tops.

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We have witnessed tugs of war where adults compete using all manner of machines-motorbikes, army trucks, boats etc., but who says kids cannot have a share of the fun too? A father is already grooming his two kids for championships in the future. Watch the following video shot by the father.

Gabriel will be on the opposite side of the slightly younger Garret in Power Wheels Tug Of War 1. Gabriel is driving a black Dodge Ram while his brother is with a blue Ford F-150. The three-round duel will take us to sidewalk, grass and dirt surfaces. An exhilarating bonus round is also lined up. Both drivers are donning sports gear and they look awesome in them.

The Dodge Ram shows incredible power on the pavement and takes the Ford down within seconds of the start. Poor little man. He looks very dejected for the loss. Maybe the second round will be better.

On the grass now and the trucks are set as before-both facing opposite directions and the rope fitted on their rears. One, two…and press on the pedals. There seems to be hope for the Ford now as it stands its ground.

None of the rigs moves even an inch. What just happened to the Ford? It has suddenly become a serious contender. It’s a draw and now the Ford only needs to win the next round convincingly to take the prize home.

The third round takes place on gravel. Here, traction will be the deciding factor. They need a rematch for this one after a stalemate. Too bad for Garret, Gabriel takes this one. The Kid Trax Dodge Ram wins!

Curtains come down with a dirt race that also goes the way of the Dodge. Classic video! Hope to see more action from these promising kids in future.

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